Sunday, October 10, 2010

Discovering Your Box

In many ways society has indoctrinated people to conform and fit into a mould. Fit into a box. However, people cannot seem to fit into that mould, therefore creating deficient and defected individuals who feel inadequate and insecure. Making them unable to discover their own box.

An individual is unique. Uniqueness is discovered by exploration and expression and yes, creativity. But creativity in a way where you choose it to be most effective. What makes you unique?
 It could be that being creative and unique for you, is to wear different clothes to express yourself, or writing poetry to reveal your most personal emotions, maybe impulsive actions are your creative outbursts, painting your face with wacky colours, even taking your dog for a relaxing walk in the woods could be just enough creativity for you. Your box can be as big or as small or as colourful as you want it to appear to be. You make the creation based on whatever you have discovered works for you. Since you choose what is most effective to crafting your box, you are open to experiencing new perspectives and growth. You realize that you have the ability, or have the ability to acquire the ability to expose yourself, by thinking outside the box in which you have created.

So, I challenge you. Create your box. Mould it onto your own. Then, step out of your comfort zone and go beyond the barriers. This is your box, your barriers, your discovery...


  1. Interesting opening statement frequent flyer. My question to you is, are you doing this just as part of your brief or will this blog live on in future. I think it's a great subject because there are just so many aspects to "the box". Cliche's within a cliche, stereotypes and conformists. I am inspired to take up this challenge.

  2. Hey flying buddy. To answer your question, yes I did this as a part of my brief for Vega, but no instructions to stop the blogging, so I guess I'll keep it running and update when I have a chance. I'm so glad u like it and go for it - be inspired! :) Thanks for your input.