Wednesday, October 6, 2010

YOUR box...???

Do you think you have unlimited imagination? Do you think your box is awesome? :) 
Well, supposedly, us humans only use a small fraction of our brains. Most of you are probably already aware of this...but is it true??? Do we really use just a part of our smartest organ, and if so, are we able to use the remaining amount? The rather enticing aspect to this statement, is that if we use, say the other 90% of our brains, we may have extraordinary powers! It's a mystical thought... Abra Cadabra anyone? 

What do you think?
If it's true, imagine thinking outside your box then!

P.S: Another answer for the 9 dots puzzle - I never said how thick the pencil had to be ;) 

1 comment:

  1. I believe that our imagination in much part is limited by the amount of things we have experienced either in real situations or seen them or even heard about. I always say that our happiness depends on how much we know about things, sometimes and the same may be said about the imagination: its about how much we allow ourselves to think outside the box!

    good work with the blog